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So to be honest, I have really been struggling with our house not being under contract yet. In my head, I thought when we put it for sale by owner, we’d have something within a week but then listing it with a realtor, I knew it’d just be days before we’d have a contract. And now as I write this, it’s been 14 days since we listed it with a realtor…

The other night I was lying in bed texting my husband and our realtor about lowering the price after once again another showing didn’t work out and I just started talking with the Lord being honest about my frustrations with all of this and how everyone says “oh it’s such a beautiful house, y’all have done a great job, it’ll sell quick.” I then read this verse: “…the peace which is in me will be in you and will give you great confidence as you rest in me…” John 16:33, TPT.

AS YOU REST IN ME”…that’s the key! I feel like there are times when I want His peace, but I am not resting in Him, in His promises, and in who He is.

God then began to help me realize that I have no control over this house selling (yes, we can change the price and make it look nice), but me worrying about it several times a day, being frustrated after showings don’t like it, and not understanding why we haven’t received an offer is only harming me. God has challenged us to move to Poland to be a part of moves of God across eastern Europe, that is clear. Therefore, this house WILL sell. I would like God to work on my earthly timeline of “soon” but my previous blog was all about His timing and I believe in His timing this house will sell; he knows the family that will live here and the day, hour and second they will send us a contract. So my job is to rest in Him and receive His peace because He’s got this! I am so thankful for the Lord getting that verse in my heart instead of my head that night. And it’s more than just the house; it’s this entire transition out of Abilene, the unknowns of what’s to come, raising support, the details of taking some of our stuff, and the list goes on…but God has got this! He wants me to soak in His Presence, full of peace, joy and truth knowing His promises are always “yes and Amen!”



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