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I close my eyes and I can see A world that’s waiting up for me That I call my own Through the dark, through the door Through where no one’s been before But it feels like home… Cause every night I lie in bed The brightest colors fill my head A million dreams are keeping me awake -A Million Dreams
These are the lyrics in a movie, “The Greatest Showman”, and as I watched this movie in English then Polish on my flight from Dallas to Frankfurt yesterday, tears were welling up. When I heard the Lord tell me Krakow would be our home over 2 years ago, I have not stopped thinking about it since. From adoption to public speaking, the Lord has given me dreams (and I hardly recall dreams at night) that have challenged me, sent me running deeper into the heart of the Father, and have given me such hope for what’s to come. However, it has not been all bright colors and happiness to get here. Selling everything we owned and worked so hard for, leaving a dream home and neighborhood, saying goodbye and not knowing the next time we will see a community that we loved, quitting wonderful jobs and ones that were more than we expected at this time in our life, and saying see you later and giving one last hug and waving goodbye to so many family members has been really hard and I think I’ve shed enough tears the last 3 months to fill an ocean (but as my mother-in-law reminded me, God has seen and held each one). But how could I not act on these dreams that He has given me that keep me awake at night and longing for this place He wants me to call home? So many unknowns that we are stepping into and the enemy constantly trying to fill us with fear and doubt but He is faithful and just reminds me, “take a step, I’m with you and I’m before you.”
take a step, I’m with you and I’m before you.
God simply asked Moses to raise his stick, Peter to just take a step on the water, and the disciples just to see how many loaves of bread and fish they had. So many stories in the Bible demonstrate not knowing the end, not knowing the how when or where but of someone just taking one step, even if it’s small, trusting that the Father really is who He says He is and Him always coming through and being glorified. Relocating your life and family across the ocean is not something everyone is called to do, but I do believe every day is an opportunity to intentionally carry God’s presence in every room we walk into, plant or water a seed in someone else’s life, and take steps of discomfort “to become a beacon of life for the nations and release salvation to the ends of the earth!” (Acts 13:47, TPT). God hasn’t called us to be stagnant in any season of our life, He calls us to new seasons that require greater revelations, truth, trust, and peace of who He is to accelerate the changes He is bringing to earth. “The season of change has come, My child. You have heard it before, but know I declare it again: you will never be the same again, for I have placed My hands upon you, My church, My bride” (excerpt from “I hear his whisper…” from The Passion Translation).


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