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“Trust in Me for your family and for every need that is before you. Have I ever failed to provide for all that you lack? Now trust Me AGAIN and watch the miracle be released.” (The Passion Translation – I hear His whisper…emphasis added)

I felt my word for 2018 was “promises.”

Promises of Faithfulness

I did not exactly know what that would look like but as I reflect over the past 6 months I have seen how I have not only declared but experienced God’s promises, specifically His character of faithfulness. As you probably know, or can read from our previous blogs, our house did not sell in how we would have picked at the time, but the Lord, of course, had a plan…a great and perfect plan. If you would have asked me 6-8 months ago if God was faithful, I would have answered: Oh yes, He is faithful.” But 2-3 months ago, I would have answered “uhhhh, mmmm…sure He is.

I knew this in my head but God was getting this in my heart. Looking back at God’s perfect timing and the exact time he had us “run into” the future buyer at a place that had been changed the day before was all in His timing and the blessing our home will be to the next buyer and hopefully the hundreds of lives that enter impacted by God’s continued presence in this place is nothing but God’s character…His goodness, His faithfulness and His love for us in always having higher ways than we can see at the time. But don’t think that this was not a struggle…I cried many tears and had several talks with God about my frustrations and reminding Him that we needed to sell this house to get to Poland. But He did not forget and He didn’t need my reminders, but I know it delighted Him how I was seeking Him in a new way. I was diving into and declaring His word aloud, shouting out songs of praise and of His promises (“Yes and Amen” by Bethel was definitely on repeat), and seeking His heart because it was so much more to Him than just the house selling…He wanted my heart, He wanted to show me more of Him; whew, He is so good so good. God values our character over circumstances and as Toby Slough once stated, “We need to quit looking for how it is going to happen and just hang on that IT IS going to happen…God is not nearly concerned with where we are and our circumstances for He is far more concerned with who we are becoming…your deliverance is coming when you let God do what ONLY HE CAN DO.”

I had feelings of frustration, fear, worry and felt let down because I was trying to be in control and take matters in my hands so to speak which was driven by fear that God wouldn’t come through…but He has never failed and never will and I have a new confidence and heart deep understanding of His faithfulness that I know will be necessary for what’s to come in what He wants me to step into in the future for His Kingdom that I probably would not be able to do without understanding this part of who He is on a new level over the past 3-4 months. And even more, now, I want to dare greater, dream bigger and be carried deeper in His presence to see more of His Kingdom come to earth and lives be radically changed to truly know Him.



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