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I am doing something brand new, something unheard of.
Even now it sprouts and grows and matures.
Don’t you perceive it?
I will make a way in the wilderness
and open up flowing streams in the desert.
Wild beasts, jackals, and owls will glorify me.
For I supply streams of water in the desert
and rivers in the wilderness
to satisfy the thirst of my people, my chosen ones,
so that you, whom I have shaped and formed for myself,
will proclaim my praise.
Isaiah 43:19, TPT

Why do Millennials (defined as those between 23-38 years of age) spend an average of $228.10 on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the coming of a new year? And 80% of them feel more optimistic and hopeful for the next year than the last?

Because in the depths of our being, we all crave something new. You know that feeling after you go shopping for clothes or something for your favorite hobby and you get home and can’t wait to wear it or use it – why? Because we are drawn to new things!

And it’s no different with how we view ourselves, our lives, our dreams, our desires. We want a fresh start, a clean slate, to press the reset button. And if you’ve listened to any recent sermons or prophetic words recently with the coronavirus pandemic, there is a sense of something new happening.

God wants to do something new in us, through us, and in people all around the world! Are we expecting it and pressing in? Or just sitting back passing the time waiting (or begging God because you have kids) until this pandemic is over and life can return to “normal”?


I was reading in John 8 this morning and was challenged with Jesus’ words to the Jews whom were asking Him questions. They were asking Jesus who He was and asking about the freedom He spoke of. In verse 36, Jesus says, “So if the Son sets you free from sin, then become a true son and be questionably free!” Notice, that Jesus sets us free from sin, but it’s our decision to SEE ourselves and ACT as sons/daughters and be UNQUESTIONABLY free. He is still the giver of freedom, it’s not something we can earn or buy, but it is a mindset change and action on our part to choose to live in FULL freedom that He offers and desires us to live in for His glory (read the book of Galatians for more about freedom).

Do you feel unquestionably free right now?

Or does fear, worry, anxiety, bondage from the past, self-doubt, or religious traditions seem to be weighing on you?

Jesus continues in John 8:44 describing the devil and how he is a “master of deception . . . But I am the true Prince who speaks nothing but the truth, yet you refuse to believe and you want nothing to do with me. . . . If you really knew God, you would listen, receive, and respond with faith to his words.” (verse 45, 47)

The Holy Spirit challenged me while reading this asking, “Who are you listening to? What are you listening to?”

Lies about who you are like “you can’t do that . . . you’re not good enough . . . you aren’t worthy because remember when you . . . you can never . . . “?

Or are you listening to His truth, “you are free from all shame and condemnation . . . you are chosen . . . I delight in You . . . you are loved and worthy of God’s blessings (all of them!) . . . you can hear my voice . . . you have the mind of Christ and have power to take your thoughts captive . . . you are patient, you have self-control. . . “?

What’s your response to these words of truth over yourself? Do you believe them deep down? Or do you find yourself thinking and speaking the lies over yourselves and even others? Are you “responding with faith” to what He is telling you and showing you?


Let’s take this season that we’re in and let it be a NEW season with the Lord! A new season in our lives! A new season in our family! A new season with our friends! A new season in our workplace! A new season in our cities! Let’s celebrate like it’s New Year’s Eve and be full of joy, expectation, hope, and optimism of what God not only wants to do in the future, but RIGHT NOW!

He desires to make us new . . . continually! His love and heart for us is too good to just leave us stagnant or complacent. 2 Corinthians 4:16 says, “. . . our inner being is renewed EVERY SINGLE DAY.” But look at verse 18, “because we don’t FOCUS OUR ATTENTION on what is seen but on what is unseen.” It’s about our mindset, it’s about our focus, it’s about whose voice we are listening to and believing. When we have misconceptions of who He is, what He is like, who we are, and what He is capable of doing through us, our faith is restricted by those misconceptions. So let it go (“let it go, let it go, turn away and slam the door” ~ Frozen). 

God never stops working; He doesn’t take holidays; He doesn’t sleep; He isn’t quarantined.

Make it your passion and desire today to not restrict Him and to “listen, receive, and respond with faith to his words.” (John 8:47)


I encourage you to print these declarations and start declaring them (even just one a day!) 
And go listen to this song, “I’m Listening” by Chris McClarney 

It’s a NEW day, it’s a NEW season — don’t be a party pooper and miss out on what God is doing NOW.

Spend time with Him in His presence (face-to-face) like never before; allow Him to renew you every single day!

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